Why Do Parallel Realities Matter?

When exploring the theory of parallel realities, whether or not our universe is limitless or just really bloody big, as posited by physicists such as Sean Carroll, makes no practical difference to us. The point is, if we treat ourselves as quantum beings, for whom the laws of physics apply just as they do for everything else, we can begin to view ourselves very differently. We, just like an electron, do not have a fixed position, a fixed location and velocity in space. We have a wave function. This energy has been described and labelled differently by scientists and mystics alike. The scientist Arthur Young has spoken at length about the toroidal field, or torus-the energy system found everywhere in nature from the smallest atom to entire galaxies.

What makes this so fascinating for me is the unpredictability of it all. In the same way that once you send an electron through a magnetic field, you have no way of predicting in which way it will spin, so too, if we accept the idea of a  multiverse filled with a seemingly infinite array of possibilities for different versions of ourselves, we can never predict the outcome. Tools such as tarot may describe the most likely outcome, picking up on the most dominant energy, but once we, hypothetically, go through the magnetic field that is each choice we make in life, the outcome is never a sure bet.

For some, making decisions is difficult precisely because of this. We are programmed to try to control our world- both internal and external- as much as possible. To complicate this further,our choices mostly involve either conscious or unconscious interference from programming- the family we were raised in, friends, colleagues, social media, our own previous experiences- all which leave imprints in our subconscious that for the most part we are not even aware of.  

What if we decided to clear it all? Every foreign thought, pattern or imprint that is filling our backpack with heavy rocks? Patterns created from our own previous lives (understanding that time isn’t truly linear but it’s easier to use this formulation) and even those experiences and cycles that have been passed onto us via epigenetic inheritance?

What if we then went a step further and explored some of the amazing lessons and life skills and ancient wisdom we, or our ancestors, acquired in previous incarnations that we have forgotten at a conscious level? So that, every time we make a choice, whether large or small, we carry a light bag filled only with wonder, wisdom, excitement and necessary supplies. We may not be able to predict the outcome, but we can take a bold step forward knowing that the choice is ours, ours alone, pure and unpolluted, and we have everything we need to face whatever the adventure brings.