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About Jenny

From a young age I have, like many, experienced profound moments of telepathy in my life, not only with people but also with animals. From waking up knowing that a family member was going to ring asking for help after a car accident- the call came a few minutes after I opened my eyes- to locating a friend's beloved, missing cat via telepathy, I have never been a stranger to the world that exists beyond the veil of our human consciousness...

If you were a character in a film, what would your audience be screaming at you to do?

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Our Services

At Moonheart Readings we offer a unique combination of Reiki, Past Life Exploration and Tarot Readings, each offering its own distinct form of guidance and healing. Our clients enjoy the holistic benefits that reside in the interweaving and intersection of these services, leaving each person feeling empowered to take control of their lives and make choices that are in alignment with their most authentic self.

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Reiki Healing Session

45MIN-60MIN $150

For those who are feeling stressed, low in energy, unwell, going through a difficult period, having difficulty sleeping or even just poor mood, a Reiki healing session can help bring you back to a state of relaxation by channeling energy to the chakras that are either blocked, overactive or underactive. 

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This will involve a full scan of any traumas, energy blockages or soul ties that are no longer for your highest good. We look at steps to cut any cords that are holding you back from your full potential, and can also access wisdom you may have gained from past lives that has been forgotten at a conscious level.

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The Akashic Journey

4 X 60MIN (APPROX) $550

For those who wish to explore more than one lifetime in order to gain a more all-encompassing understanding of themselves, this course is a must. Imprints, traumas and programming from various past lives will be explored in depth. A complimentary Reiki healing session is included at the end of each session.

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60 MINUTE $80

For those seeking a  more multi-layered exploration of your life, enjoy an in-depth reading and the opportunity to ask questions to clarify any concerns you have about the present, or the likely outcome for the future.

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20 MINUTE $30

Come and dip your toes into the magical waters of tarot. This reading will give you a snapshot of your current challenges and opportunities, giving you the confidence to  make the best choices for yourself going forward.

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The Art of Tarot- Course

6 X 45 MIN SESSIONS   $600

Step into the magical world of Tarot and learn how to read cards for yourself and others in this unique course. You will learn about the history of tarot, the meanings of each card and also how to use your intuition to discern the various levels of meaning behind one particular spread. While we begin with the original Rider Waite deck, various other decks will be used. Some homework will be assigned throughout.

We thank the ascended Masters, the angelic realm, our ancestors and spirit guides for bringing us the right people, with the right messages, at the right time. The universe reveals its magic to those who follow their heart.

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”The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”

-Albert Einstein-

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