About Jenny

From a young age I, like many, have experienced profound moments of telepathy in my life,
not only with people but also with animals. From waking up knowing that a family member was going to ring asking for help after a car accident- the call came a few minutes after

I opened my eyes- to locating a friend’s beloved, missing cat via telepathy, I have never been a stranger to the the world that exists beyond the veil of our human consciousness..

My true divine journey, however, began after a series of tragedies led me to the most beautiful therapist one could possibly hope for, who introduced me to the art of meditation. After honing this skill for a year, I began to receive audible messages in the moments prior to falling asleep, or just before waking. At first I dismissed these as unconscious gibberish, but when the predictions began to materialise, one by one, I delved further into this and came across the phenomenon known as Clairaudience: the ability to hear something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality. This harked back to one of my favourite quotes from Hamlet:’There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy’.

As the auditory guidance intensified, so too did the visions I was beginning to receive. These-known as Clairvoyance- became equally predictive. Once the other sensory gifts came to the mad tea party- I won’t bore you with all of them-Tarot literally forced its way into my life. I decided to go along with the current and little did I know that the river would take me to past lives, the Akashic Records and then the most vital piece of the puzzle: Reiki. After all, what use is it to describe the turbulent waters somebody is swimming in, without offering them a hand getting out? My mission is to help people remember who they are, the blueprint they set for themselves prior to incarnating on earth, and give them the tools they need to pay it forward in their own unique way.